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Este é um projeto futuro. A descrição do projeto está disponível apenas em inglês.

Business definition

Location and economic industry

Leisure Island will be located in São Miguel do Araguaia GO with a population of 31'000. The city is one of the most distant cities from the state capital, Goiânia, which is 486 kilometers away. There are highway connections with Araguaçu, state of Tocantins, 63 kilometers to the north, Nova Crixás, 102 kilometers to the south and the district of Luís Alves, 45 kilometers to the west, on the Araguaia River. Highway connections are made from Goiânia by GO-070 / Goianira / Inhumas / Itaberaí / BR-070 / Goiás / GO-164 / Araguapaz / Nova Crixás.


The economy is based on subsistence agriculture, cattle raising, services, public administration, and small transformation industries. The cattle herd is one of the largest in the state. Most of the farm land is used for cattle raising. Tourism is concentrated in the settlement of Luís Alves on the Araguaia River, with several hotels and Pousadas. The population of 800 (in Luís Alves) grows to 30,000 in the months of June and July when the waters of the river go down, revealing kilometers of white sands.


Description of service

Leisure Island is jumping into a huge gap of non existing services of leisure proposals. Currently there no similar Park in the near or far area. The next similar Park can be found in Goiania which is more than 500 km away. We will start with the main attraction of a cart racing runway in conjunction with a small snack-bar and a mini park for small children. Future plans are to open a dancing club and a public water park.


Cart racing runway

The cart racing runway will be a standard runway with a length of 1 to 1.5 km, depending on the area. It will follow all security standards. We will start with at least 3 carts but aim to have 5-6 carts. The runway will be tarred and marked.



Customers security is very important and key. Everything which can harm customers security will be forbidden, such as alcohol. A helm, good shoes and condition of the driver will be required to drive. Each driver must agree and sign a contract that he will drive on his own responsibility.



A place where we serve small snacks and non alcoholic drinks. Standard plastic tables and chairs will serve up to 16 seats.


Mini Park

As we also will focus to families, a playground for children will be made, combined with a place where children under 7 years can drive small electric carts.


Purpose of the project

Importance of investment

The region of São Miguel do Araguaia, Luís Alves, Nova Crixás and some other Cities in this region is currently well known as a fishing area. Tourists from Sao Paulo, Goiania, Brasilia, etc. are visiting this region regularly. 


Involved services and technology

Leisure Island makes use of existing technology but will always try to improve employee qualification in case of organization and management.  See also "Investment in employee qualification" later in this document.


Governmental and local programs

Having a good relation to the local government is very important. Leisure Island will start and participate some local programs, such as "Don't drink and drive", "Drive your life carefully". This always in conjunction with local, existing programs and the local government.



Leisure Island will be "from Brazilians - for Brazilians". Therefore, partnerships is one of the most important corner pillar in our strategy. Involving local companies and citizens will give us the most possible acceptance. Partnerships are panned with the local tourist agency, gas stations, garages, mechanicals, gastronomy and hotels. We also aim to have a partnership with the local church. They take care of young people and try to keep them away from the street. This is one of the same goals and could be a great synergy.


Target market

Our main target market are Brazilian tourists. The near urban catchment is Porangatu (45'000 habitants), Araguaçu (10'000 habitants), Novo Planalto (4'000 habitants), Bonopolis, Mundo Novo, Nova Crixás, Mozarlandia and Crixás (all together 20'000 habitants). The mid / far urban catchment is the area of Uruaçu (40'000 habitants) and Gurupi (75'000 habitants). But also the near area of São Miguel do Araguaia and Luis Alves (30'000 habitants) are focus of target market.



Leisure Island will start small but big enough to be attractive from day one on. The first main attraction will be a cart racing runway with a small snack bar and a mini park for small children.


This will ensure that Leisure Island will be attractive for the whole family. Small children and mothers have also an interest as young people and fathers. 


We planning to have agreements with local tourist agencies and hotels. So they can expand their range of attractions.


Not to underestimate is also the mouth to mouth advertizing.


Generation of Jobs and Income

Hiring employees

Leisure Island will hire exclusively Brazilian citizen. Where ever possible, they will be hired in São Miguel do Araguaia and Luis Alves.



"Good money for good work". This will be the credo for paying employees. Every employee will get a fair base salary. In addition to the salary, an employee will get the ability to get bonus payments for extra performance in his job and, not less important, as a team.


Investment in employee qualification

Educational background is the base for a successful job. Leisure Island will always be anxious to give employees the best background to be successful in their job. Where ever possible, this will go beyond the daily job and can include external schools and training courses.

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